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Bradley Williams, M.D.

Bradley Williams, M.D. Ph.D.

Dr. Williams is Fellowship trained in sports medicine for both surgical and non-surgical issues. “Very often, patients only need diagnosis directed Physical Therapy or an injection or two (minimally painless) to get them "Back in the Game". Dr. Williams also frequently provides second opinions for ALL shoulder and knee complaints and also has extensive experience in pediatric and fracture care as well as advanced ALL arthroscopic or minimally invasive surgeries.


Sports Medicine

Shoulder Surgery

Shoulder Replacement

Knee Surgery

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Dr. Williams is an active member of the Arthroscopy Academy of Orthopedic Sports Medicine. He has published numerous peer reviewed research articles in muscle physiology and orthopedic surgery.


Association of North America and uses the latest techniques for all arthroscopic SHOULDER and KNEE surgeries including massive "irreparable" and revision rotator cuff tears, as well as KNEE cartilage repair, ACL reconstruction using the latest ALL INSIDE and stem cell healing techniques, meniscus REPAIRS.   Dr. Williams specializes in essentially all knee and shoulder surgeries including total and reverse shoulder replacement and partial and total knee replacements. Dr. Williams uses computer aided pre-navigation techniques for Medacta My Knee medial pivot knee arthroplasty and has also performed over 400 Oxford partial knee replacements for qualifying candidates.

Additionally, Dr. Williams treats common ankle, hand, and elbow issues such as carpal and cubital tunnel, trigger fingers, ankle instability and arthritis as well as surgical and nonsurgical adult fractures as well as most PEDIATRIC fractures and orthopedic issues.


Dr. Williams earned double BS degrees from UC Irvine in Chemistry and Biology and graduated from the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston Texas 1997 with a combined M.D. and Ph.D. in Exercise Metabolism where he also performed collaborative studies with NASA, the Olympic Training Center, Vanderbilt University, and Shriner’s Burns Institute.

Dr. Williams did his Orthopedic Residency training with the Phoenix Orthopedic Program and the University of California Irvine Orthopedic Program.  Dr. Williams then completed an Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship with the San Diego Knee and Sports Medicine Fellowship in San Diego, CA.


Dr. Williams was in private practice for many years and moved to Cottonwood, AZ to be closer to his and his wife’s family in Phoenix.  After 10 years of long hours and taking call 1/3 he and his wife decided it would be best to move to Prescott.

Dr. Williams and his family are quite active and love staying fit by hiking, running and especially riding mountain bikes.   His wife Brenda has now won the women’s 10k at the Whiskey Row Marathon three years in a row and Dr. Williams has won several bike races as well as the 2018 MBAA series for 50+.

Dr. Williams has a casual style in clinic, practices what he preaches, and loves helping patients get back in the game!  

Dr. Williams has been with OSCA since July of 2017.


Dr. Williams has been nothing short of amazing. I've seen many doctors in the past and was jaded, to say the least, certain I’d never play drums again after being forced to quit due to serious pain and movement problems. I didn't think my shoulder issues would ever be diagnosed, let alone fixed, but Dr. Williams changed all that. Not only was he courteous and professional, he knew what surgery I needed and successfully found and fixed a very rare and unique problem. I now have a whole different outlook on life and highly recommend his services.

—Bryan Earl

Thanks so much Dr Williams for making my shoulder feel so much better.

—Vince Spagnuolo

I saw Dr Williams with shoulder/arm pain. I was referred to him by my internist. He spent time with me asking questions & actually listening to me! I ended up getting two injections. I am out of pain & very appreciative to have found Dr Williams. He is a wonderful breath of fresh air!


Two years ago today, Dr. Williams fixed my broken hip with three pins. Today I am good as new and so grateful that I am resuming a full life of complete and painfree mobility. Thank you Dr. Williams for a job well done.

—Sincerely, Mary Strouse

"I saw Dr. Williams for hand pain and numbness due to osteoarthritis. He gave me a cortisone injection in my right wrist and I felt great relief almost immediately. It has been 2 weeks since my injection and I have much improved mobility and no numbness. The pain I felt is all but gone.

—Patricia Koester

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