Patient Testimonials – Dr. Kaper

“This is a testament to the superior services I recently received at the hands of the Orthopaedic Specialists of Central Arizona (OSCA) and the Prescott Outpatient Surgical Center (POSC) personnel. The facilities at OSCA and POSC were warm, comfortable and immaculate.

From the first contact to diagnose pain in my right shoulder, through surgery, and throughout post operative follow-up; all personnel exhibited nothing less than outstanding service.

Dr Kaper was prompt, easy to understand, answered all questions and instilled confidence that surgery would answer my objectives. I’m indebted to his friendly, professional demeanor and consummate professional skill.

All the assistants at OSCA and POSC were professional and very friendly. I would like to especially thank the following:

At the OSCA: Christine, Alana, Kristina, Joann ensured my forms were complete and available for review. Sally took the additional x-rays needed. Brian Barnes, PA-C briefed me on what to expect for the surgical process, length of rehabilitation and post-op exercise requirements.

At the POSC: Liz was especially understanding at the wee-hours of 0630 on a cold morning when I signed-in for the operation. And, Jessica put up with my grumpy attempt to “be cool” while getting me ready for the surgical procedure.

Dr. George Sara. What can I say? Dr. Sara is the only anesthesiologist that ever put me to sleep with humor. Dr. Sara ensured I was comfortable and relaxed. He thoroughly explained the sequence of events that were to occur. And, I enjoyed the best conversation and humor with a first acquaintance in a long while. Dr. Sara made two personal follow-up calls to ensure my post-op was comfortable. Thank you Sir.

An organization’s performance is always a reflection of the attitude and standards set by it’s leadership. I cannot say enough about how pleasing my experience has been. Thank you Dr. Kaper. Thank you for your leadership. I especially thank you for your surgical skills. Thank you very much.
-M. R .D


“Several years ago, I had my left hip replacement surgery.  This was done with the “posterior” method, with the incision on the back side [of the hip].

Recently, I had my right hip replacement at Scottsdale Healthcare, using the direct anterior approach, with the incision on the front of the hip.

The difference between the two procedures and recoveries was amazing to me.  I was standing 3 hours after surgery; walking with a walker the next morning.  One of the most notable differences was that I was getting to and from a sitting position much sooner, with very little pain; and without carrying a seat pad with me.  I was doing the PT-instructed exercises with ease and also with very little discomfort.  Because I wasn’t sitting on the incision, it was more comfortable.

It seems that it was a much faster recovery, and with much less pain, and I was moving more with greater ease.  I didn’t feel nearly as restricted as I had with the first surgery.  In essence, the recovery time was much shorter, with much less muscle pain. THANK YOU!!


“Before my Total Knee replacement in June 2015 in Scottsdale at Thompson Peak (wow), Dr. Kaper promised he would take good care of me. Little did I know what a “Guatemala knee” I had – all I knew was how much it hurt and how restricted my life had become. Well, not only did Dr Kaper keep his promise – my new knee feels GREAT – but I kept my promise to “do my part” to make my knee mobile again. With Bill McMahan’s fantastic initial in-home PT (I spend 2 weeks laughing with him) I was off and running – well, walking. Bill got me to flex about 110 degrees in those first weeks. I was off the walker in two weeks, off the pain meds in a little over three weeks, and started driving and taking myself to PT with Scott Madsen. Within FIVE sessions, I was flexing to 127 degrees at 7 1/2 weeks post surgery.  My plan now is to begin a regular exercise routine and begin to lose all the weight I accumulated during those years of mounting inactivity. I can’t tell you how good exercise feels again. Look out world!

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that in my visits to Dr. Kaper’s office and phone conversations with staff, EVERY single person I came into contact with was smiling, patient, and very, very helpful.  You are all to be commended for the kindness and patience you offer on a daily basis to a population who needs your expertise and is sometimes cranky and out of sorts. Not an easy task. Well done!

Most sincerely,


“In October 2006, Dr Kaper did a total hip replacement on my right side, using the posterior approach.  All went well- no complications.  I was very pleased with the results.  Little did I know then how much better it could be.

In June of 2014, he replaced my left hip, using the anterior approach method of surgery.  I experienced very little post surgery discomfort and the recovery took about half the time.  I no longer needed my cane or a shopping cart, and getting in and out of the car was no longer a problem.

Thanks again for both surgeries- see you again in 2019 for my five year checkup.  I also want to thank your staff for a job well done!


“One year ago, Dr. Kaper performed a knee replacement surgery on my right leg, which proved to be a life changing event for me.

As a man who nearly lost my entire leg to a devastating accident, and who initially told I likely would not be a candidate for a knee replacement, I was given an entire new lease on life by way of Dr. Kaper’s talent and expertise.

I have now reached an impressive 112 degree bend in my new knee, and that has brought me back to a nearly normal life.  I am now able to do things I never thought I would do again. I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that Dr. Kaper has done for me.  I will be forever grateful to Dr. Kaper and will never forget his words of hope, “I can help you with that”.


“Dear Dr. Kaper-

Thank you for the successful and nearly painless of my right shoulder joint at Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak Hospital on January 13, 2014.

The care I received at Thompson Peak was marvellous in every respect.  The facility and the staff, from admitting to the nursing staff over two nights stay, was categorically excellent. The care I received from the three RN and aide teams who attended me over two days was so personal that I remember the names of all of them. The fact that the third floor at Thompson Peak is given over to joint replacement patients is unquestionably responsible for the knowledge and intelligence the staff  brings to their understanding of the patients needs.  All my medications were delivered to my room well before I needed them and even the food and its delivery were unusually good. I have had some experience with surgical hospitalizations and this was, in every way, superior to any of them.

Insofar as a joint replacement can be a pleasant experience, because of you and Thompson Peak Hospital, mine was.

Kindest regards.


“As a teenager, surgery on my left knee, because of a bone disease, left it as the “bad” knee and the “good” right knee carried the load for the next 60 years.  Until it didn’t.  And my good, old, reliable right knee became an arthritic, painful knee that gave up on carrying the load.

Dr. Kaper had operated on my right shoulder 13 years before, and I’d quickly regained full use of it.  With that kind of experience as a recommendation, I didn’t hesitate to seek him out. Dr. Kaper quickly assessed the problem and laid out a course of action (pre-surgical physical therapy; lots of information about what I could expect; surgery that was amazing quick and skillful; lots of ice; more physical therapy at home; followed by additional out-patient physical therapy), and got me back on my feet within less time than I could have imagined.

I am very grateful to have had Dr. Kaper as my surgeon and coach, who made it possible for me to resume a normal life and enjoy the activities in my community.  His concern for the things that mattered kept me on track and I do not hesitate to recommend him to those with similar problems.


“On Dec 15th, 2012 I had both my knee’s replaced by Dr. Kaper.  He was so wonderful in the entire process from the doctor visit’s before, during and after surgery, always answering all my question and never rushing me through a appointment. That meant a lot to me.

I was totally surprised of how quick I recovered with minimal amount of pain. I was back riding my horses around 2.5 months and started back in competition at 5 months, actually winning my first rodeo that I entered at 5 months post surgery. I team rope as well as run barrels, I was wondering what it was going to feel like after double knee surgery but the only difference I feel now is that I have NO pain when I ride. People question me all the time about doing both knees at the same time but I just tell them it was all good because I have a Good God and had a Good Doctor. Thank You Dr. Kaper.


“On Feb 18, 2013, I had a left total hip replacement. I had two great things going for me. One, I had the best orthopaedic surgeon in the state of Arizona- Dr Kaper. Two, I had one of the best hospitals in the state caring for me after surgery – Scottsdale Healthcare Thompson Peak!! It was like being at a country club. The surgical and medical facilities were very much state of the art. The orthopaedic hospital staff could not do enough for the patient. The physical therapists were awesome and really helped me get on the road to recovery quicker. The whole experience was just awesome.


“Dr Kaper is an asset to any medical group. I found him to be very competent and professional surgeon. Having knee replacement surgery with Dr Kaper as my surgeon went so well that I was able to accomplish all of my every day tasks in a normal way within three weeks of my surgery with no pain.

Dr Kaper’s hand-picked staff were meticulous and professional in every way. I have nothing but praise for Dr Kaper and would definitely recommend him with complete confidence. His reputation is the reason I choose him for my surgeon, and he certainly lived up to all the positive remarks and comments that I had received about him from past patients.

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