Patient Testimonials – Dr. Pifer

“On a scale of 1-10, Dr. Judah Pifer, is an 11! He replaced my right knee and right hip in a period of three months: knee surgery in January 2018 and hip surgery in April 2018 – both with outstanding results.

Dr. Pifer is a superb surgeon, his number one concern was me, the patient. He is totally professional and straightforward, providing meaningful information and answering questions and concerns in a thoughtful, personable manner. Likewise, his staff at Orthopaedic Specialist of Central Arizona were always courteous ad cheerful, providing information in a timely fashion and offering additional assistance before one needed to ask for it. Finally, I found the staffs at the Yavapai Regional Medical Center and Prescott Outpatient Surgery Center to be professional, caring people.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Pifer for over two years, dealing with knee and hip issues. I’ve always been an active person and the recently increased pain in my knee and hip significantly reduced my quality of life. As a teenager, I had an athletic injury resulting in surgery on my right knee. The surgery was fully successful; however, after 50 years my knee was in need of additional help. And as I’ve aged, I’m in my late 60’s, arthritis took its toll on my right hip, causing constant joint pain. I believe the synergistic effect of favoring my knee and advancing arthritis in my hip caused both to fail at nearly the same time. When I first saw Dr. Pifer for my right knee we began with conservative treatment using less invasive procedures: injections, followed by scoping; but, ultimately a total knee replacement was deemed necessary. About a year into my right knee treatment, my right hip began to cause significant pain. Dr. Pifer again used a conservative approach, a less invasive injection to ease the pain, however it too provided only temporary relief and a total hip replacement was needed. The fact that both my knee and hip failed at the same time was actually good for me and my family because we were more prepared to deal with the second surgery and post-io rehabilitation. The surgeries are behind me, physical therapy is progressing well, and I look forward to a full recovery; once again enjoying an active lifestyle and quality of life.

Thank you Dr. Pifer.”
-Richard Wirth

“Dr. Pifer did a bunion connection surgery for me recently. I feel I got excellent care throughout the process, not only from Dr. Pifer but also from his staff. Everyone I dealt with was patient, kind, good-humored and treated me with respect. My questions were answered as needed. I’m very pleased with the outcome of my surgery and have recommended Dr. Pifer to two of my friends. Thanks!


“I am a 78 year old female lady that had constant hip pain along with diabetes and high blood pressure for 4 years. My primary care Doctor recommended that I make an appointment with Dr. Judah Pifer, MD I was skeptical..thinking..oh well..I’m old..whats the point. BOY..was I wrong.

It turned out to be a great decision for me.

I had my left hip replaced and I am now pain more limping.

I can stretch my leg all the way out flat with no pain, can walk all I want without a cane or walker and turn over in bed without pain.

Dr. Pifer was very kind, professional and answered all my questions with patience and knowledge. He prescribed all the right things to make my healing process simple with perfect results.

I would highly recommend anyone with joint pain to go visit Dr. Pifer. He will give you a professional, peaceful solution.


“Doctor Pifer replaced my right hip in January of this year, my hip was so bad that my right leg was shorter than my left leg, Dr. Pifer was able to make both of my legs the same length. I just want to say how much better I feel, I feel like a whole new person thanks to you Dr. Pifer.

I would also like to add that the office staff was very professional, friendly and helpful.

Thank you Orthopaedic  Specialists of Central Arizona.


“I had surgery with Dr. Pifer. Dr. Pifer did work to my left shoulder. I only needed pain medication for 1 day after the surgery. After about a week I was having very little to no pain.  By around week 4 there was almost no bruising left and there were no scars or nasty incisions. By week 8 with a couple of weeks of therapy I can already use my left arm better than I have been able to in several years.  I cannot believe the difference.  I would say to anyone with shoulder pain to go see Dr. Pifer. I recommend this to anyone. This is the best decision I have ever made.  I cannot say enough how happy I am with the results.


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